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The ICO unveils GDPR radio ads to target micro-businesses

The Information Commissioner’s Office is stepping up its activity to raise awareness of GDPR among micro-businesses by launching a series of radio ads, broadcast by Absolute, Capital, LBC and Radio X among others

Recent research by the Federation of Small Businesses showed that 90% of small businesses are unprepared for the new regulation; a third (33%) have not even started preparing, while 35% are in the early stages and only 8% have completed their preparations.

The script reads: “Whatever your customers trust you to do, they trust you with their data too. So whether you’re a carpenter or a chiropodist. A florist or a financial advisor. An electrician or nail technician. Don’t forget, the new GDPR data protection rules apply to your business from the 25th of May. You could be fined if you ignore them. So whatever you do, make data protection your business at today.”

Speaking about the new radio campaign, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said: “All organisations have to be ready for the new data protection rules, but we recognise that micro-businesses in the UK face particular challenges."

“I’m sure the women and men running micro businesses in the UK will want to be ready when the new law comes into force, but they may not know where to start, and that is what the new tools and information on our website can help with.

The following link takes you to YouTube, where the ICO has uploaded a Video entitled

"Eight practical steps for micro business owners and sole traders:"

More detail on these practical steps can be found on the ICO web site:

The action points in this video and the practical steps that businesses need to take are fully delivered by the GDPR Data Mapper app, which locates, audits, inventorises and validates "personal data", delivering practical data maps and reports that go beyond any tools that may be accessed from the ICO.
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